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Bucket elevator

1, the principle and characteristics of the bucket elevator:The bucket elevator is in a closed shell, through the suspension of the chain of hopper conveying material. Energy level, vertical and horizontal combination transportation. Single point or multi-point loading can be completed by discharging device. All closed, no leakage, no pollution. Suitable for conveying all kinds of powder material and granular material, in order to transport non sticky material for the best. The biggest advantage of this device is that the form is flexible, and the damage rate of the material is low, which can prevent the production of defective products. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions that need to be soft and deal with the material. And low energy consumption of equipment.

2, the main body of the main form:The main form of the rotary bucket elevator is Z type, C type, mixed type, horizontal type, its working principle and characteristics of the same, are used for horizontal, vertical, horizontal transport of powder, granular and small pieces of material. Its compact structure, small size, high degree of improvement, good sealing performance, no damage to the material. The machine load and stool in the maintenance.

3, applicable scope:This equipment can be widely used in all kinds of environment which need to be soft. Z type C type feeding, feeding, Z - C mixed feeding and multi-point feeding, multi-point feeding etc.. Currently used for weighing packaging machine feeding, automatic production line of three-dimensional circular material, full automatic weighing batching system of multiple feed points.

4, the transmission capacity and equipment size: according to the material characteristics, the size of the bucket is different, the size of the device has a significant change, there is no clear size table.

The following chart is a form of reference:

5, users can choose to configure:

Case: semi enclosed case - dust box - sealed case, stainless steel case, carbon steel spray cabinet.

Hopper: stainless steel hopper - carbon steel hopper - food grade material hopper.

Drive: explosion-proof reducer, general reducer.

Sprocket: alloy steel sprocket - stainless steel sprocket.

Chain: alloy steel chain, stainless steel chain.

Control: manual start stop, automatic start stop, frequency conversion control.

Others: depending on the user's specific requirements for the design and configuration.

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