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Y91C type transmission tank

Y91C type pneumatic conveying device

A survey:

Pneumatic conveying is a kind of method of using air flow in the pipeline.

The device is designed to improve the WHIRL and AIR technology in Japan, which is based on the technology of Japan's sun casting machine Co., Ltd. and the United States.

The device is applied to PLC automatic control, main action for the material is fed into a transmitter, using compressed air and an air supplying pipe nozzle will flow through flow device and material to form a vortex like, the pipeline sent to the storage silo, the top of silo dust collector, material and gas separation.

My company product has won the top ten transportation equipment title, and obtain a patent, patent number: ZL 201120416166.3

Two, the characteristics of the device:

1, can be used for long distance transportation, pass through the switch and intermediate discharger, free choice of transportation unloading point. A transmitter can be sent to multiple discharge points, and a plurality of transmitters are also sent to a discharge point;

2, by means of a transmitter, a conveying pipe, turbocharger fork, row material valve to transport the material, feeding tube factory building columns along the fixed, effective use of space, small footprint, easy arrangement;

3, from the transmitter to the charging storage bin to achieve automatic control, labor saving;

4, the air and the material in the pipeline in the suspended state, and the low speed transmission, therefore the material conveying pipe five wear, the material generally does not break the deformation;

5, because the low speed dense phase transport, so the material gas ratio, air consumption is small, save energy;

6, due to the use of pipeline transportation, feeding mouth closed, unloading point can choose to install the exhaust filter device - bag filter or filter tube pulse dust collector, the whole device sealing performance is good, no leakage of dust, is conducive to environmental protection;

Three, use

The device is the use of compressed air as the power source, the material flow is suspended in the transport pipeline after the operation.

For example: casting materials: sand, sand, clay, bentonite, quartz sand, steel and so on.

Chemical materials: PVC powder, nylon plastic particles, cement, alkali, mixture, calcium carbonate, fluorite powder, etc..

But the temperature of the material is not more than 120, with no more than 15%.

Four, basic technical parameters:

1, type: Y91C series transmitter (Y91C0.2-8m fand);

2, the form of transmitter: eddy current;

3, productivity: 5----30t/h;

4, the feeding tube diameter: 76*6 - Phi Phi 219 seamless steel tube;

5, the requirements of gas pressure: 0.6MPa ~ 0.7MPa;

6, conveying pressure: 0.15MPa ~ 0.4MPa (depending on the bulk of the material);

7, the gas consumption: 1 tons of material /45 80Nm fand free air (depending on the distance);

8, conveying distance: up to 500 meters;

9, conveying height: 50 m below;

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