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MXF type pneumatic sealing and wear resistance of three way valve is short of the three way valve, is the company according to practical experience and market needs, independent development of the new type of pneumatic conveying dedicated three way valve. The valve is suitable for non - viscous loose powder. MXF - type three - way valve, is a set of gas tight and wear-resistant, failure alarm, and many other advantages in one of the ideal type pneumatic conveying dedicated valve.

 The rotor and the material guide pipe: can according to need to use wear-resistant alloy materials, stainless steel castings manufacturing; alloy materials can be deal with grinding Zhuo of larger material, stainless steel can be to have special requirements.

 Executive body nominal pressure 0.4-0.6MPa, nominal pressure valve 1.0MPa.

 This product is a patented product, counterfeiting, patent No.: ZL 201120416167.8

The reversing valve is divided into type I and II type, type I is left - loaded, and the second is right.

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