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Valve cover

The valve is mainly used in dense phase pneumatic conveying device feeding place, suitable for all kinds of abrasive larger particles, powder, such as corundum, ore, lime powder, fluorite powder, titanium concentrate, high titanium slag, magnesia and so on; the valve moving parts for vertical movement, and the sealing surface produce the dynamic friction, thereby improving the service life of the valve. Even if the sealing device is damaged, as long as the replacement of the sealing ring, maintenance simple.

 According to the different characteristics of the materials, valve, connecting mechanism, valve can be the steel, and stainless steel material, the sealing ring can adopt silicone rubber, butyl cyanide rubber, PTFE rubber material.

 Material: suitable for temperature is less than or equal to 200 DEG C

 Executive body nominal pressure 0.4-0.6MPa, nominal pressure valve 1.0MPa.

 According to the feed type and feed inlet size, the main direct feed into the bell cover valve, dual into the material bell cover valve, but also specifically for the exhaust gas valve.

 This product is a patented product, counterfeiting, patent No.: ZL 201120416159.3


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